Excel Removals offers local, interstate, and country relocation services year-round, ensuring flexibility in choosing the most convenient time for your move. However, it’s essential to consider various factors when deciding the best time to move, including cost, family needs, work commitments, and school schedules. Adequate lead time is crucial to manage pre-move preparations and allow Excel Removals to tailor your move according to your specific requirements.

The time it takes from your initial contact with Excel Removals, whether by phone or online quote request, to settling into your new home can vary depending on your destination and the moving date. During the peak summer months, it’s advisable to add several weeks to your estimated timeline due to increased demand. Generally, once an Excel Removals consultant has assessed your needs, provided a quote, and you’ve accepted it, the relocation of domestic consignments typically takes between two to six weeks.

For local, country, and interstate moves, Excel Removals ensures that you work directly with the same company without involving third parties. With a large network across Australia, Excel Removals offers comprehensive services from start to finish. Every member of the Excel Network adheres to the standards set by the Excel Interstate Service Charter, guaranteeing consistent service quality at both origin and destination, regardless of your location.

Moving with children can be a challenging transition, as new schools, friends, or bedrooms can be daunting for them. To ease the process:

1. Involve your children in the planning process.
2. Help them learn about the new community where they will be living.
3. Encourage open and honest communication, allowing them to express their feelings.
4. Explain the concept of moving to young children through play-acting with toys and dolls.
5. Ensure the safety and reassurance of your children on moving day, letting them know you’re in this adventure together.

Excel Removals provides specially designed wrapping and packing materials, ensuring the safe transport of your belongings. These materials include specialized cartons for items like books, toys, and general household contents. Excel Removals also offers an “Essentials” carton for packing everyday essentials like kettles, coffee, mugs, and more. In addition, Excel Removals provides specialised packing materials, such as wine cartons with polystyrene inserts, cartons for paintings and mirrors, flat-screen television cartons, golf club cartons, bicycle cartons, and wooden crating for larger items. The consultant conducting your pre-removal survey will identify items requiring specialized packing and ensure they are provided on the packing day.

Excel Removals employs high-grade packing materials and focuses on the protection of furniture items during transit. One such product is “One Wrap,” which offers superior protection. It consists of three layers: Cellfoam, traditional bubble wrap, and polywoven material. This combination provides cushioning, breathability, and superior resistance to tears, impact, and punctures, ensuring the safety of your furniture during the move.

To protect your clothing during transit, Excel Removals provides specially designed clothing boxes. The “Porta Robe” carton is ideal for suits, dresses, and evening wear that should remain on hangers during the move. For other clothing, the “Mini Robe” carton allows clothes to be packed flat while still accommodating hangers. These cartons help preserve your clothing and maximize space during packing.

Excel Removals offers a wide range of services to simplify and streamline your move. These services include door-to-door solutions for international relocation, short-term and long-term storage options, transit insurance with various extensions, special crating and casing for valuable items, assistance with pet and vehicle transportation, and moving in or settling services like cleaning and handyman assistance. Excel Removals also offers optional relocation services such as home and school searches, career counseling, cultural briefings, and orientation, tailored to your specific needs.

Within Australia, Excel Removals ensures the safe relocation of your vehicle, even if you prefer not to drive it to your new location. The company partners with specialist vehicle relocation companies to manage this service.

Excel Removals also provides assistance for transporting pets within Australia, employing specialist partners to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets during the move.

Most carriers have safety and security restrictions on certain items. While these restrictions may vary by country, Excel Removals maintains a prohibited and dangerous goods list that offers insights into the types of items generally discouraged for shipment. This list applies to goods packed by you or by Excel Removals. For detailed information, please view the Prohibited and Dangerous Goods List.

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